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Hi guys. It is a beautiful day here. I did not go to my office. Instead I decided to be here at home.

I have had troubles with procrastination in the last couple of weeks. I have to finish several tasks, all of them very important, but i am still doing nothing. I am very concern because I feel the pressure; my supervisor asks me for results and I am not in the mood. However I think, why should I call this feeling “procrastination”? I believe i am tired… I just want to rest… to do other things, to “do nothing”.



Improving writing skills


Hi guys. When I started my PhD, two of the most common activities people suggested me to do was writing and walking. I knew how to walk but I did not know how to write in English. However, I did not understand that when people talked about “writing” was in fact, “academic writing”. Improving my academic writing skills has become a dream that I haven’t accomplished yet.

As all objectives in life, improving writing is a hard task. It is not hard because it is difficult… it is hard because I need a routine, commitment, and desire, and of course, I have to understand several secrets for academic writing.

When I was living in my home country, I used to have good writing skills. I used to run a personal blog and to do beautifully written letters, posts, essays and emails. I could write formally and informally and I never paid attention to differences between academic and non academic writing because I just knew how to write in both ways. Nowadays my situation has changed: I had to be aware that there are ways to write in English and I have to improve them. For instance, my teacher told me I had too choose between the British English or the American English and when I started my PhD I knew there are huge differences between the academic and the informal English. Although I am not an expert when I write my academic papers which are not too bad, I know something is still there that I have to boost it.  English is not impossible to learn but it takes time and dedication.

I would like to write like my supervisor: he writes concisely and clearly. I know I use the double of words to express an idea. This is an issue when I submit abstracts for conferences. My supervisor gives me a hand and he suggests to change some sentences that express the same, even better ideas.

I wish to improve my writing skills-academic and informal-. I know that writing here will give me confidence that I will use to express my ideas in other contexts and places. I hope it is soon.

Thank you for having the time to read me.